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From developing, coding and designing a website to crafting it’s worded strategy to building an app and everything in-between; If it’s digital, we can do it.

We love to build websites- and let’s face it, in this constantly evolving landscape, it’s imperative that your website stays up, runs smoothly and loads fast. Website development at Red Herring Digital is far more than just choosing a theme, naming your pages and importing stock photos. 

From the landing page to the contact page, your website will be unique, modern, strategic and fast. We will listen to your needs, cater to your sales funnel and build you a custom site that will make your customers stick around. 

With front and back end development capabilities, an in-house copywriter who will get to know you and content created specifically for your online home your website development is in very safe hands with Red Herring Digital.

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We designed, built and launched Wilmoore Allstone’s completely custom branded website. Take a look.

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The Process

  • Strategy

    After determining what primary function you want your website to perform, whether it be to convert sales, attract leads or inform, we develop a strategic layout that will naturally navigate traffic around your website to meet your desired outcomes.

  • Copywriting

    The only thing worse for your brand than a website with terrible copy is a website that doesn’t exist at all. Seriously. Our cleverly crafted copy will guide your customers through your website, intriguing and informing them every step of the way. They will be left excited about your products and services, and if they don’t convert instantly you can bet they will be thinking of you for some time to come.

  • Design

    From designing your typography to updating your logo to seamlessly incorporating your brands signature colour- the design of your website goes far beyond choosing which blocks of text goes where. Your website will be perfectly branded, with the fresh new design flowing seamlessly from page to page.

  • Content Creation

    Once the skeleton of your website is complete, your brand new pages will need smooth and sharp content to match. Photography, videography, infographics and whatever visual features your website may need, we will deliver.

  • A Brand Spanking New Website

    Ta-da! Soak up that new website feeling, it’s a good one.

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