We’ve got some really, super-duper exciting news. 


Red Herring Digital’s creators have given birth to a creative agency. 

Say hello to Polished Content. She’s full of creative energy. 

Our creative skills will shine brightest at Polished Content. 

Polished Content will handle everything video, photo, copywriting design and animation. 

The digital world is noisy, cluttered and full of content that misses the mark. To stand out your brand has to be honest, precise and polished.

And that’s why Polished is here. We’re taking a step to the left side of our brain to focus on creating awe-inspiring content that works harmoniously with your marketing strategy.

We’re Sharp, we’re inspired, we’re creative.

And we’re still all here strategizing at Red Herring Digital. 

If we have provided you with anything creative please leave a short and sweet review under Polished Content here- http://ow.ly/zHwd50ydP7x

Give our Facebook page a like or follow us on Instagram to keep up with our creative work and stay in the Polished loop. 🌟

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