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are specialists in all things social. We work together to devise dynamite strategies for your business that will ensure that your social accounts will always stand out.

We will devise content that will communicate the truly innovative, creative and engaging voice behind your brand through visual storytelling. 

You’ll have a team of specialists on your side with proven photography, videography, advertising, copywriting and marketing skills. 

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From our Melbourne and Geelong locations, our social media advertising strategies can have a local or national reach. With a full-scale marketing team at your disposal, you’ll be in the best position to start attracting more customers – no matter whether you’re a local plumber or a fashion boutique with nationwide shipping.

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What's Involved

  • Strategy

    Your social media strategy will be devised with clear objectives in mind. That means attention-grabbing content and real results- no fluff. All of your business's digital aspects should be working together and supporting each other so the strategies we create for our clients make sure that your online presence is seamless, harmonious, engaging and visually stunning.

  • Content Creation

    With Red Herring Digital, your content will create awareness, increase engagement and use effective, visual communication techniques that consistently work towards your business objectives. There is so much more to content creation than clever lighting and good angles. Your social media strategy will come to life through the content we create giving your brand a visual story that is accessible for all of your target markets.

  • Social Media Management

    We do oh-so-much more than just take your photos and then leave you with the USB. Complete with social calendars, video scripting and directing, promotions, campaigns, competitions, reporting and more prepared for your social media accounts to undergo a million dollar transformation. Your account manager will monitor your data and keep on top of any changes that may need to be made. We will see what’s working and do more of it, and cut back on the things that aren’t.

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