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are specialists in all things social. We work together to devise dynamite strategies for your business that will ensure that your social accounts will always stand out.

We will devise content that will communicate the truly innovative, creative and engaging voice behind your brand through visual storytelling. 

You’ll have a team of specialists on your side with proven photography, videography, advertising, copywriting and marketing skills. 

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We helped the Grovedale Hotel ramp up their Social Media Marketing, and generate an immediate revenue increase of 67% ↑

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Outshine your competitors and allow us to get you running at your full potential and be the diamond in the rough you deserve to be.

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What's Involved

  • Strategy

    Social media management isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. Results show that investing in social strategies and campaigns means only good things for your business. We see many social media agencies provide brand content for businesses with no objective meaning they see no return on investment from their socials. Luckily, we know what we are doing. We will ensure all marketing efforts are aligned with your strategy and in turn, provide beyond the desired outcomes with a handsome return on your investment. Having all aspects of your business working holistically is essential to be successful and we will design a marketing strategy that is aligned with your desired business model.

  • Content Creation

    At Red Herring Digital Melbourne, we make sure that we are ahead of other social media marketing companies by delivering relatable content that is in line with your business’ objectives. We create awareness, increase engagement and use effective communication techniques ensuring we properly capture the voice of your business, whilst continuously working in line with your needs. We are extremely proud of the creative content we produce for brands and it is one of the services we are most proud of. We are experts in aligning new, engaging content with the strategies we develop for you ensuring we successfully deliver your message.

  • Social Media Management

    Our work is not limited at social posts. We work closely with you on a long-term basis to provide your business with expertise on a number of services including social media promotions, planning of budgets for media expenditure and reporting. We also monitor your big data and make changes where necessary to make sure that together, we are smashing goals 24/7. When you hire us, we ensure your social media management is an integral part of your business and marketing mix, that returns on investment and is never an afterthought.

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