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If you need an answer to any question, just Google it! A great addition to your business’ digital footprint is being found high up on search engines for the services or products you offer. Made up of either Paid or Organic Listings, there are various pros and cons to Google Ads and SEO. Our experts in Paid Advertising will work with you in tailoring a strategy that will ensure we get instant results.

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So, what's involved?

Google Ads

Addressing your short-term game plan is crucial, and what better way to get instant leads by setting up a Google Ads Campaign. We’ll develop an effective strategy, research trending keywords consumers use, create the advertisements and use all the bells and whistles possible to ensure we drive traffic to your website. But it doesn’t stop there, each month we’ll continue to work and manage your account regularly to improve your ranking, lower our Cost Per Click (CPC) and Ad Rating. This will ensure your ads are seen longer, cost less than your competitors, and of course higher up!


Search Engine Optimisation 

First things first, what is Organic Listing? Organic is where Google searches the net to find your website for the specific services and or products you offer. It ranks you and your competitors as to who best matches that search performed by the consumer. Our job is to make your website SEO friendly, and ensure that your website is listed and appearing where it actually should be. This will ensure that other sources make you accredited for what you’re actually selling!


The Beauty of Retargeting!

So we’ve built some hype up about your brand and consumers are being directed to your website to learn more. Let’s not lose a lead or action, and continue to build trust and awareness on a more personal level. Social Media retargeting campaigns allow us as an advertiser to talk back to consumers who visited your website, and in particular consumers who took a specific action.

Our Paid Advertising strategy has assisted many businesses in boosting their sales. Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation we’ll turn your goals into a reality.

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