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The Taylor Group

Barwon Heads Hotel - Grovedale Hotel - Torquay Hotel

An instant increase of 67% in revenue since rolling out social media marketing. We received a huge increase in new customers visiting The Grovedale Hotel and using other facilities the venue has to offer.

Our Facebook Advertising Reach dramatically increased from 20,000 to 143,000 views a month. This great exposure to our posts and promotions is achieved with as little as $1,000 a month.

With huge reach, you need great engagement. Our posts and promotions received a whopping 586% increase in clicks, likes, comments and shares. This is the proof in the pudding that our creative and targeting are on point.

The Print & Courier Co.

We saw an increase of 34% in sales from our digital marketing within weeks of launching the initial campaigns. Our ad expenditure was as little as $2,000 per month, well exceeding our KPI’s.

Website traffic skyrocketed 220%, with consumers heavily engage on the site after making various amendments, clicking through to 4.3 pages on average and staying on for 2:30.

With various amendments to our advertising strategy and improvements to our campaigns and landing pages, we managed to decrease our average cost per click by 17% with better conversions.

RMS Traders

With an annual revenue comparison, our digital advertising efforts yielded RMS Trader’s with a huge increase of 24% in revenue. Great results for a very competitive sector.

With a similar Google Ad spend to the previous year, our website traffic skyrocketed 260% from our efforts in decreasing our Google Ads CPC and continual progress with our SEO rankings. Visitors remain heavily engaged on the site, staying on average 3 minutes plus and visiting over 3.5 pages.

Decreasing CPC can be “easy” but maintaining an average #1 position whilst decreasing the CPC is a different story. As a result RMS Trader’s ads are cheaper and appear longer through out the day.

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