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Public Relations

Are you struggling to tap into a difficult market? Public Relations is the answer you've been looking for.

Holistic Approach

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Together we will build key relationships and business connections so that your brand can be seen and heard by the right people.

There can be so much more to brand building than appearing online through traditional digital marketing. Just like no two brands are identical, no two Public Relations strategies look the same. We hit the ground running with something unique to you.

You might talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been an industry player since forever, now is the perfect time to round out your image and add some real-world personality to your brand. Public Relations no longer lies in the hands of journalists and print media. We are not limited by traditional, tried and tired techniques. Just as our technology continues to advance so too does PR.  We will push your brand, story and products across a fusion of traditional and digital platforms to make sure that you are noticed by all the right people.

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We increased RMS Traders’ revenue by 154% from a year to year comparison. See how we did it.

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What's Involved

  • Copywriting

    Whether you want to be heard online or respected in print, one thing is for certain. You need good copy. There is a difference between written words and words that are purposely written, and we know just how to turn your written content into a siren’s song.

  • Customer Retention

    Nurture and foster existing relationships with your clients through email marketing. Emails are a gentle way to promote new products, information, deals and your brand's story.

  • Sales and Promotions

    If you're looking for more foot traffic, sales and brand awareness we can come up with clever deals, promotions, competitions and campaigns to get consumers engaging with your products and services.

  • Publicity, Media Relations and Profile Raising

    Gaining the right type of media exposure can grow your business dramatically. You shouldn't just be seen everywhere, you should be seen exactly where your market is looking. We will start big conversations across a range of traditional and digital spaces that will make your brand seen and heard.

  • Infographics

    Engaging and to the point, infographics communicate your key message and goals to stakeholders. Infographics are useful for presenting facts, gaining quick attention and highlighting important information through slabs of writing.

  • Events

    Have an event in mind but don't know how to execute it? Let us share the planning, budgeting and execution. Let work together to plan an on-brand event that will impress your stakeholders and consumers. Whether you are after a brand activation or an intimate product launch we know what to do.

  • Influencers

    Love them or hate them, influencers are often the perfect way to reach niche communities. Influencers are seen as honest, transparent and reliable. The right influencer can get your brand seen on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat reaching thousands of people a day.

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