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Wilmoore Allstone

The Client


Wilmoore Allstone have been building peoples dreams out of stone for the past 20 years. The team of uniquely talented stonemasons carve new constructions, restorations, and ornate stonework both residentially and commercially in Melbourne and Sydney.

Wilmoore Allstone’s stonemasonry work is timeless both in style and endurance, and their old website struggled to reflect the companies evolving stature. The stonemasonry work Wilmoore Allstone produces is in a league of its own, so it was important that their online presence continually reflects just that.

Our Approach

One thing was for certain, Wilmoore Allstone’s new website had to be completely custom-designed to complement and showcase their stonemasonry talent while continuing to communicate with past, present and future clients.

Built around images, not text, the website is designed to let the stonemasonry work of Wilmoore Allstone do the talking. Driving across Victoria from build to build with Will, Wilmoore Allstone’s director was the perfect opportunity to truly capture the magnitude and quality of the stonemasonry work his team produces. These images make up the crux of the website, visually depicting the skill and abilities of Wilmore Allstone.

The website needed descriptive, sophisticated and approachable words to compliment the awe-inspiring photo content and accurately portray the work of Wilmoore Allstone. A solid understanding of the clientele was achieved from a phone call and a page full of questions. Will spoke passionately and proudly about his company and his teams work which is portrayed in every piece of copy across the website.

Take A Look

Measurable Results

1. 325% increase in time spent on the website

2. 5X more pages on average visited per user 

3. Increase of 260% of completed website goals

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