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Grovedale Hotel

The Client


Nestled in the outer suburbs of Geelong is the newly renovated Grovedale Hotel. Offering gourmet food, quality cocktails, craft beer, weekly live entertainment, hireable function rooms, pokies and a drive-through bottle-o, the Grovedale Hotel is a crowd-pleasing one-stop destination for a good night out. Our objective was simple, to show local consumers that their corner pub had more to offer than any other venue in the city.

Our Approach

Images of the mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks coupled with action shots highlighting the weekends live entertainment are the bloodline of our immersive Facebook and Instagram social media marketing strategy for the Grovedale Hotel. 

In conjunction with social media marketing, we have implemented a PPC and SEO strategy to attract function bookings for the five function rooms available at the Grovedale.  

Ranging from food photography to slow-mo beers cheers-ing to lead generation, we don’t miss a thing.

Capturing Leads

The Grovedale Hotel has six spacious function rooms that are ready to be hired. As part of our overall strategy we have made crucial steps to generate leads for the function room hire page. 

Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO all work together to keep the function manager busy while we continuously engage consumers who are browsing venue hire options.

What is a conversion?
On Grovedale’s landing page you will find a phone number and a guidebook. When a lead completes a form or calls the number this is considered a conversion.

What happens if they don’t convert?
No immediate conversion? No worries. We run retargeting ads that specifically speak to consumers who have visited the landing page but didn’t covert. Using these ads we push various offerings to entice people to jump back on the website and take  another look.

Trending Social Posts

With Geelong’s population just shy of 200,000, various posts have managed to go semi-viral. As a result, the Grovedale Hotel had the unique experience of selling out of Hot Chocolates and Espresso Martinis. In the pub world, this is completely unheard of!

Measurable Results

1. Organic Reach – 195,000+ per month

2. Paid Reach – 175,000+ per month

3. 10+ Function Leads every week

4. Immediate revenue increase of 167%

If you like what we did for the Grovedale Hotel, let’s talk!

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