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Deakin Res

The Client

  • Client: Deakin Res
  • Service: Social, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • Website: www.deakin.edu.au


Living on campus at Deakin Res is a unique opportunity for residents to immerse themselves into the Deakin experience. With people booking to stay from all over the world, staying at Deakin Res is a sure way to become apart of a diverse and close knit community. Each Deakin Res campus offers a different experience, and our job is to highlight these differences and attract the right guests to the right place. 

Our Approach

We devised a social media strategy that would not only attract bookings across all four campuses but would also build a distinct personality for Deakin Res and its residents. Each campus provides a unique experience for Resi’s to get involved in the Deakin experience and make lasting friendships and we want to truly highlight just how awesome staying with Deakin is through the content we create.

Additionally, using Facebook Ads and Google Ads we greatly assist Deakin Res with generating daily leads for short term accomodation across all four campuses. University accomodation isn’t for everyone, so our targeting needs to be very precise to ensure our ad is shown to the right consumer.

Measurable Results

1. 161% increase in short term accomodation enquires  

2. Student accomodation applications increased to a whopping 2,144

3. Cost per conversion decreased by 96% to an impressive $28

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