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Red Herring Digital is a Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency. We know how to make your brand stand out online.

First things first, can we buy you a drink?

At Red Herring Digital Melbourne, we want to really get to know your business and your objectives through an open dialogue and seamless collaboration to ensure we create strategies that you love. We are all on the same team working towards our common goal to get you on top. We will be here to hear the good, the bad and the ugly as we work together to make your business succeed.


We tailor unique marketing plans for your business

There is no set marketing template or plan that we work off, which means that for each business we work with we develop a personalised strategy tailored to ensure each individual targets is met. We love a challenge as much as we love to break out of the boundaries of conventional marketing by creating an innovative mixture of traditional online digital marketing and our creative talents. By combining our creative skills with our thorough knowledge of data and reporting our content will have you never looking back.

Should we put a ring on it?

Let’s dig deep and truly uncover what your brand’s long-term objectives goals and dreams are. Our work as an online marketing agency stretches far beyond just driving sales. Your brand has a story that we want to continuously tell your public through an array of effective marketing techniques and strategies.

We love to monitor the success, engagement and data of all our campaigns to ensure that the reception is consistently high, and making appropriate changes in response to the results. Working with us gives you the competitive advantage of receiving monthly reports that break down the important numbers, statistics and results reflected from each campaign.


Rest assured, we are never out-of-date.

Always thirsty for new information, learning new skills and frequently conducting research on all of the latest digital marketing trends we are confident that we always deliver the most fashionable marketing strategies available.

Want to see what we're made of?

So, Let's Get Digital.

We turn data into knowledge which means we truly understand your consumers

At Red Herring Digital we have employed a software monitoring system that analyses how consumers interact with the content we produce which allows us to evaluate how our work is performing. This data also allows us to see the intricacies of your business’ growth and what the return on investment is which allows us to further tailor future strategies for higher success rates. Creating a comprehensive marketing campaign is pointless unless the data it collects is correctly analysed then re-strategised into future campaigns. Luckily, we are really good at doing just that.

Google Advertising

If you need an answer to any question, just google it! We’ll help you be found high up on search engines for the services or products you offer…

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Social Media Marketing

We’re made up of an all-star cast, with specialists in different areas including photography, videography, advertising, copywriting and marketing…

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Website, App & Development

For your next development adventure, our team are a bit of a whiz when it comes to UX and UI design. No project is too great or small for us…

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