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Red Herring Digital is an Online Marketing Agency located in Melbourne. We specialise in pushing your brand online, using various mediums.

First things first, can we buy you a drink?

At Red Herring Digital Melbourne, we want to get to know your business and it’s objectives through collaboration and dialogue to ensure that we create strategies best suited to you. We’re on your team, so we want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to your business to help you succeed.


We tailor a marketing plan for your business

There’s no set marketing plan or template that we work from, meaning that each business has a tailored strategy to ensure that we meet your targets. We like to challenge ourselves and break boundaries of conventional marketing, using online marketing techniques that are innovative and creative. We believe that by combining our creative skills and knowledge of data and reporting, we will deliver the best results for your brand and you’ll never look back.

But wait, there’s more!

Our dialogue with our customers goes further than sales, we like to really uncover what your brand’s objectives are and what you’d like to achieve long-term. Our work as an online marketing agency includes growing awareness through a variety of effective techniques and practices.

We are constantly monitoring the success and data of all our campaigns, ensuring that we offer the perfect combination of creative skills and analytical reporting. You have the advantage of receiving monthly reports breaking down the specific and integral numbers, statistics and results of each campaign. Going that one step further, we actively read these reports so that your business can benefit from any BIG data or any issues raised. Striving for excellence is what makes Red Herring Digital Melbourne a leading marketing company.


Rest assured, we are never out-of-date.

We are always learning and on the hunt, conducting industry and competitor research to ensure that we always deliver the most up to date knowledge and skills. We make sure that we are always ahead of the game and on top of future trends, giving you the best marketing available.

Want to see what we're made of?

See how we majorly helped shape Park Your Pet with our partners Jaarvis Lab and City of Greater Geelong.

Let's Get Digital.

We understand your consumers, like never before.

The digital world provides the ability for businesses to see whether your marketing is actually working. At Red Herring Digital we use software to monitor how consumers interact with your brand and use that data to evaluate what approach works best. This data allows us to see the intricacies of your business’ growth and return on investment so that we can tailor future strategies for further success. Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Advertising provide us with unique capabilities that enable us to receive specific results through metrics on Social Media Platforms, MailChimp and Google Analytics. From there, we turn data into knowledge! Most businesses fail at understanding the metrics and how to best use them to strategise, so let our team of experts do all the hard work for you – they are seriously good at it!

Social Media Marketing

We’re made up of an all-star cast, with specialists in different areas including photography, videography, advertising, copywriting and marketing…

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Email Marketing

Creating content and distributing it is second nature to us! We’ll create promotions, refine content, and send out click-bate worthy campaigns…

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Search Engine Advertising

If you need an answer to any question, just google it! We’ll help you be found high up on search engines for the services or products you offer…

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