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If you’re trying to tap into a social media savvy audience, Instagram ads are a great way to reach new potential customers. These customers can be found by either creating or using existing databases such as your website traffic, app users, mailing lists and more.

Our Instagram Ads Turn Likes into Conversions

From our agency headquarters in Melbourne, Red Herring provide management services to businesses across Australia for a variety of social media advertising avenues, including Instagram and Facebook. Based on your key objectives our expert management team will tailor the most effective ads to reach your targeted Instagram customers.

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We helped the Grovedale Hotel ramp up their Social Media Marketing, and generate an immediate revenue increase of 167% ↑

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What's Involved

  • Strategy

    Developing a customised advertising strategy by researching your industry, your offerings and insights, and which keywords are trending. This allows us to locate the correct audience for your business.

  • Campaign

    An Instagram campaign contains multi-faceted ads targeted at all types of customers and their behaviours. This will include a blend of brand awareness and targeted campaigns to ensure that no ads are missed. We create video, interactive and image-based ads.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Measuring results is the best way to demonstrate the success of your Instagram advertising. Your management team will track conversions on your website to ensure that we know when a customer takes action, thus allowing you to measure your ROI.

  • Management

    Your account will be managed by an expert team weekly in order to keep the ads performing optimally.

A Melbourne Agency With Expertise in Instagram Advertising

From our agency in Melbourne, our management team will keep track of the success of your Instagram or Facebook advertising strategy and adapt your campaign in order to ride the waves of the ever-changing social media sphere. Discover more about Instagram ads by reaching out to our agency. Get in touch with our team by calling 03 9943 2676.

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