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Facebook Advertising

We’re an official Facebook Partner

Have you got a strategy in place where you need content created for social media or social advertising? Do you have social media but you have no idea how to get leads through the platform? Are you not hitting your KPIs or are unsure how to meet them?

When advertising on Facebook you’re seen on

Third Party Sites

Achieve your 2021 business goals

So, where to from here? Simply tell us what you want to achieve. Whether you want more sales, more leads, to build brand awareness or to have people fill out forms or contact you, we have the right words, creative and strategy to make it happen.

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Custom Neon Lifetime ROAS
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We humanise your business for social advertising

A lot of agencies fail to make successful Facebook Ads simply because they don’t understand the importance of having the right content. Weaving creative and strategy together, we specialise in humanising your brand through social advertising.

Our creative team will determine what content works best for your specific social advertising needs. We always find that when businesses come to us with content created by other agencies it’s typically content that just won't work for social advertising.

If you feel your business is missing the ‘humanisation’ element in your advertising then this is where we can really help. We specialise in making amazing Facebook campaigns that are tailored specifically to appeal to your audience. Our campaigns will help your audience understand your business all the way through the custom journey to becoming your customer & staying loyal to your brand.

It’s time to be a success story

Let’s pave the path to your success with a complimentary consultation with our digital strategist

What makes us different?

Firstly, we're one hundred percent Melbourne based. This means you'll receive a high-quality service from fellow Aussies who understand the local market and it's consumers. 

We have unique knowledge of the Australian market, and you will have full access to our diverse strategic and creative teams who have your best interest at heart and want to see an ROI from the work they do.

Other agencies have a big focus on strategy, but incorporating expertly designed creative is what makes your brand stand out to get noticed. We understand the power of both, and that’s what sets us apart and allows us to deliver you measurable results.

Shaun Palkhiwala

Shaun Palkhiwala

RMS Traders
Top team and real results. Ever since we joined on with Red Herring Digital we are consistently growing and reaching new heights. I really appreciate the teams efforts and all the results to date.
Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Oyo Car Share
I've worked with Red Herring over a few projects now and have always been highly impressed with their effectiveness and attitude. Highly recommend their services to anyone.
Dan Riches

Dan Riches

Mind Body Salt
We've been very happy with the results and customer service provided by Red Herring. Alex and Phil give great professional advice. I would recommend Red Herring!

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Business Owner?

Meet Jake, Business Owner of Custom Neon. See how we've helped Jake grow his business over the years and see impressive results with an ROI of X16. This could be you!

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Marketing Manager?

Meet Angela, Marketing Manager of Deakin Res. See how we've helped Angela smash her marketing goals, from a 161% increase in enquiries to an ROI of X7, and more!

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A Facebook ads agency with a flair for creative content

Red Herring Digital is a Melbourne Facebook advertising agency that understands what you need to take your campaign to the top. Our highly skilled and experienced social media lovers work closely with you to devise strategies that speak directly to your target audience and drive conversions.

You may already have a Facebook page with awesome, original content, but if you’re not utilising all the tools at your disposal to ensure those posts are reaching your audience, there is no point in creating the content in the first place.

Our social experts know how to take your content and turn it into first-class strategy; something that attracts your follower’s attention and has them picking up what you have to offer.

+We’re an official Facebook Partner
We’re an official Facebook Partner

If you’ve been looking for a way to modernise your business and grow your leads like never before, a Facebook management campaign can be perfect for your brand. Facebook’s platform is a well of untapped potential for any brand that could grow an audience there and should be treated as such.

With this in mind, the Red Herring Digital team knows how to find your customers and send them the content they want to see to buy your product or service. Our creatives and strategists have been working for years on developing incredible campaigns that grow leads like never before.

While two out of three Facebook users visit a local business page once a week, unfortunately, these pages often don’t provide the information needed or aren’t up to the customer’s standard. The best way to ensure your page is one the customer keeps coming back to is to utilise the potential of Facebook advertising and management. Our team at Red Herring Digital are pros at doing exactly that. 

+We can handle your whole campaign
We can handle your whole campaign

What makes Red Herring Digital so special is our capability to cover your whole Facebook advertising campaign or simply direct it towards your target audience. This is because we have a team of highly experienced creatives and strategists who work together to produce as much as you need from a winning campaign. If you are already happy with the content you create for Facebook and believe it has what it takes to drive conversions and win sales, that’s great, as we will be happy to send it in all the right directions.

Otherwise, we will be more than happy to create the content that harnesses your current follower base and wins scores of new fans. This is because we combine our creative flair with intelligent marketing to develop campaigns that are engaging and specialised, taking the very best aspects of your brand and turning them into Facebook advertising gold. Your campaign is our specialty, and we know what it takes to make it stand out among the crowd.

+We offer comprehensive social media services
We offer comprehensive social media services

At Red Herring Digital, our team aren’t just Facebook experts. We have the skills set and expertise to produce comprehensive social media campaigns that engage with customers across the country. Whether it’s producing an eye catching Instagram account, complete with stunning pics and luxe live content, to catch your fan’s attention with our specialised Facebook management service, our Melbourne professionals have the skills to take your social campaign to new plateaus.

+Contact us to kickstart your champion strategy
Contact us to kickstart your champion strategy

At Red Herring Digital our team is always on hand to chat about your new campaign. We relish the opportunity to work with new brands and see what makes them special before funnelling this into intelligent, eye-grabbing digital campaigns. If you’re looking to take your social game to the next level, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our experts.

We are committed to providing Australian business owners with exceptional communication, strategy and results while we work with them on new and exciting projects.

Call us on 1300 646 118 and we can have a chat about turning your brand into a stand out on Facebook.